Lightweight Fiberglass Shelters
Our Lightweight Shelter design produces a Building that is more easily transportable than shelters manufactured from Concrete or other materials. Dupont shelters are designed and built to be easily relocated should the need arise. These Shelters can be designed to be Fragmentable for installation along Airport Runways for the FAA ILS Shelters. These Shelters are also Ideal for installation into corrosive or Caustic locations as the Vinyl Ester Resin used in the fiberglass process has Excellent Chemical Resistant Properties.

Highly Reliable
With great attention to detail, Dupont Building has designed a shelter which offers superior protection for today's sensitive equipment. Highly durable and environmentally sound, Dupont shelters can be relied upon for many years of dependable service.  With our “seamless” design we can eliminate any and all areas for water penetration.

In today's competitive marketplace, budget considerations have become increasingly important. With lower transportation costs and offloading cost, less site preparation, and our competitive costing structure, Dupont Building, Inc. is the right choice to meet your shelter requirements.

Lightweight Shelter Uses:

FAA ILS Program, Localizer Shelters, Glide Slope Shelters, MALSR Shelters, RWSL Shelters, VOR Radar Systems, Approach Lighting Systems., Fiber Hut, Fiber Optic Shelter, Satellite Instrument Shelter, Microwave Shelter, Broadcasting, Data Storage Shelter, UPS Shelter, Remote Terminal Unit (RTU), Programmable Logic Control Building (PLC), Communications Shelters, Telecommunications Shelters, 911 Emergency Communication Shelters., Fiberglass Equipment Shelters, Analyzer Shelters, Metering Stations, Regulator Shelters, RIO Shelters, City Gate Control Shelters, Instrumentation Shelters, Gas Storage Shelters, Pumping Stations, Chlorination, Wind & Solar Shelters, Military & Government Shelters, Mining Shelters, Transportation Shelters.