About Dupont Building & Equipment Shelters

Since it was founded in 1982, Dupont Building Inc. has become one of the country’s leading manufacturer of fiberglass and metal shelters. Our primary objective is to provide our customers with high quality products at competitive prices and efficient lead times. At Dupont Building & Equipment Shelters we place high value on customer satisfaction and strive to provide consistent services and products.

Dupont Building Inc. proudly offers its customers indoor manufacturing facilities, climate-controlled infrastructures for production, and calamity-oriented Disaster Recovery Plans. We are committed to providing our customers with their orders regardless of disasters or weather conditions. Our large workforce of qualified and skilled carpenters, electricians, and laborers are dedicated in maintaining the Dupont Building product’s trademark durability and reliability. For more than 30 years, we have provided our unique lightweight seamless shelters to numerous customers including the country’s aviation industry.

Our shelters are the testament to years of engineering craftsmanship and masterful design. All product designs are accomplished with the customer’s specific needs in mind. Each customized design is made with the same high quality material providing resilient and durable finished products. Because of our long-lasting designs and products, we are partnered to the continued growth of our customers. Their loyalty to Dupont Building Inc. encourages us to continue honing our engineering and manufacturing skills. View the Dupont Building, Inc Product Brochure.

Dupont Building Inc. remains one of the most trusted names in the manufacturing industry. We are confident in the quality of all our products and services. Each Dupont Building or Shelter product delivered is a lifetime commitment of quality to our customers. We encourage you to come and see for yourself what Dupont Building Inc. can do for you. We are proud to be part of the National Women Business Owners Corporation network.

Dupont Building, Inc Proudly Offers:

Motor Control Buildings, Power Control Buildings, Metal Buildings,
Communication Shelters, Equipment Shelters
Fiberglass Shelters, Lightweight Shelters, Telecommunication Shelters 
Building Fabrication, Services, Repairs, and more!